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Beyond De-escalationā„¢ is Scheduled to Launch in November!


De-escalation is something you may not need daily, but it may still be worth learning. Some de-escalation skills can be used regularly for more effective communication in many everyday occasions. And that's Beyond De-escalation™ is about.

Our de-escalation system, scheduled to be available on November 9, 2016, features an acronym for easy recall and some techniques and strategies you may use daily in the course of your regular practice. In fact, this de-escalation system was developed by Joyce after identifying the pattern for what worked so well in situations involving hostages and hostility, and most of the strategies were ones she used regularly.

Joyce has successfully de-escalated high emotions in a number of situations, and each time she drew from her eclectic experience. She draws from training and experience in legislative advocacy, mental health first aid, law, and coaching, to name a few of the fields Beyond De-escalation™ touches on. But you don't have to go through all that training and experience in order to de-escalate effectively and learn other techniques that can lead to effective communication that may address impasse and other events.

In this course, in addition to de-escalation, you will learn a set of questions that can change perspectives, build motivation, and help make decisions. You'll gain a tool to remain focused, even under pressure, and will understand why some questions or discussions aren't effective and what to do about it. Plus, you'll dust off one tool you already have and learn new benefits it offers, and much more.

Conflict Options LLC is proud to offer this training, which has also been approved by WSBA for 2.0 Other (Professional Development) CLE Credits for attorneys in Washington State. You can learn more and sign up to receive updates by clicking here.

Beyond De-escalation™. Learn the system in case you need it; Use the parts because you can.

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