Every Day Communication Skills You Can Trust,
Even in a Conflict or Crisis

Training, Coaching, and Consulting services featuring the same communication tools Founder Joyce Lynn Elder, JD used to resolve a hostage incident as a hostage

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These every day tools aren't common, and it's time we change that

Good communication saves lives, time, and money. Our Founder resolved a hostage incident as a hostage using the every day communication she used in meetings and conversations. This not only saved lives, but also inspired our focus on communication and collaboration.

Conflict Options LLC increases client and employee satisfaction, reduces marketing, hiring, and legal costs, and improves organizations' bottom line with better team performance and communication. Our comprehensive set of solutions aligns your team and stakeholders so there is greater confidence with fewer errors.

Here are some of the services we use in order to help you experience that value:

• Speaking, training, and on-demand courses
• Assessments
• Mediation and facilitation
• Ombuds work, surveys, & focus groups
• Coaching and consulting

We've presented for international audiences and at regional conferences including participants representing government agencies and national law firms.

We are open to working on our own or in collaboration with other contractors.


Certified DBE, WBE, SBE, WOSB, and EDWOSB

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10% Discount for government agencies

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Training and Courses


Our online, on-demand courses are commercial off the shelf (COTS) options you'll continue to have as a resource. "How to Lead Effective and Engaging Meetings" is a comprehensive approach with answers to questions on interpersonal communication, facilitation, and how to deal with "difficult people."

We also have a more streamlined COTS training on interpersonal communication, "Home for the Holidays Shouldn't Be a Warzone." Initially packaged for people to use over the holidays, the strategies are relevant all year round and in professional settings as well. 

COTS courses on business writing and how to deal with "difficult people" are coming soon. The best part of doing all this through me is you'll find that while they can stand alone, the plans I have for them are complementary.

COTS training virtually (through Zoom) or in person (when appropriate with social distancing) are available on a variety of topics such as presentations, conflict, and crisis, and teams.

Customized training in communication and leadership is available upon request.

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Don't Stop at Learning...
Practice and Implement!

Knowledge isn't power until you use it effectively. That involves change, which has to happen on multiple levels.

We help check all those boxes with practice and application. For individuals, we offer coaching, and we also support teams and organizations with consulting.

Individual Coaching improves leadership skills, satisfaction, and retention of the team members so they provide even greater value to the team.

Consulting helps the team best apply what they learn as a unit for even better savings of time and money and improved productivity and efficiency with fewer errors.

Additional Services Include:

Assessments: Improve performance with the resulting "manual" to tailor communication for each person on your team. $100/person

Mediation: Build trust and reduce stress and high costs associated with conflict. $250/hr

Facilitation: Reduce the drama and boredom of meetings while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness. $150/hr, 2 hour minimum

Ombudswork Focus groups, surveys, and informal conversations can help you improve relations and deepen understanding among stakeholders, clients and/or employees so you have better satisfaction and retention as well as lower costs associated with mitigating errors, hiring, etc.

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