Meetings, Solved!

(aka "How to Lead Effective and Engaging Meetings")

An on-demand course showing leaders new ways to use trusted leadership tools to stop their team from getting side tracked and wasting time in meetings and start making good decisions quickly and proactively so they can more effectively fulfill their vision.


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Where increased satisfaction, opportunities, retention, and impact come together with less stress


Admit it - You're ready to play bigger and better:

No more unproductive conflict; You want to play on a strong and stable team.

(because turnover is expen$ive and the administrative hoops aren't as fun or impactful as celebrating wins and milestones with your work family.)

Speaking of family, now you get to be home in time for dinner and have an impact at home, too, because your team is on top of things.

You're going to want to take that time to recharge, too, because you have that big meeting coming up. You're confident, and it's a great opportunity for you and your organization to shine.

You're ready to stop doing things in meetings that aren't working (and are awkward to boot) and give yourself, your team, your dream, and your vision the gift of meetings done well!


Easier said than done?

Previously, industry status quo may have held you back

when it comes to the support needed:

It doesn't offer new ideas

It gives the same ideas that you don't like or that didn't work. You either need new ideas or a troubleshooting guide.

Its solutions miss the goal

Instead of piecemeal solutions, you want effective conversations, decisions, and implementation.

Hi, I'm Joyce!

A transplant increased my intention to make a difference. It wasn't until I became a hostage and successfully resolved it, though, that I recognized the best way to do that...

When people with different perspectives meet, conflict and other challenges can waste time and feel disempowering and frustrating, and at great expense.

But, when leaders obtain commitment, explore different perspectives, and drive productive conversation, teams create and implement the best, most sustainable and innovative solutions.

In this course, I show leaders new ways to use trusted leadership tools and refined communication to develop and maintain their team's focus and collaboration so they can scale and make their greatest difference while maintaining the organization's culture, key relationships, and values.

I've used these tools in a wide variety of situations.


It wasn't easy. Like everyone learning new skills, I practiced, adapted when things didn't go as hoped, and eventually gained the depth of understanding that has given me the confidence to find new ways to use them, even in a bind.

• I started using these skills in everyday conversations, board meetings, and annual membership meetings.

•They've delivered surprising benefits when I've mediated high stakes conflicts and facilitated/moderated meetings with large hostile audiences.


• They have, however, been instrumental in resolving the hostage incident and in dealing with people in crisis.

Now, I want you to be able to lead conversations when high stakes, impasses, and stress make meetings seem like hostage incidents.

Imagine leveraging multi-purpose leadership and communication tools so you have what you need to:


Set the Stage

Create an agenda that gets and holds your team's interest so they participate more and options are explored

• Increase participation, accountability, and follow-through so the team makes quick, sustainable decisions and steady progress toward fulfilling the vision without embarrassing or costly delays


Get up to Speed

Stop meetings from getting sidetracked and reduce repetitive comments, unproductive conflict, and indecision so the team has better communication, focus, innovation, and collaboration, building the sense of belonging, connection, and cohesiveness needed for strong and stable teams that make strong decisions 

Streamline meetings so your employees feel valued and empowered, improving both your client and employee satisfaction and retention while lowering costs associated with delays and meetings that run late.



Take the Lead


 • Arrange for follow-up that reduces missed deadlines, mistakes, and misunderstandings so you can move forward with fewer hassles and less frustration and anxiety.

• Participate in external meetings with more confidence, clarity, and ability to be heard instead of getting stuck on the sidelines, caught off guard, or veering off course and get noticed so you can grow your business and have greater impact.

You've worked too hard to get to this point only to get stuck because the same ideas won't get better outcomes.


You and your team can make a greater difference when you leverage perspectives through the innovative use of trusted tools and refined communication strategies to complement your style.

And speaking of tools, meetings are a tool, too.

Meetings done right will help your team get on the same page.

With your leadership, they'll be able to brainstorm, analyze choices, and make the best decisions faster.

The clarity you provide will give them greater strength and consistency to follow through effectively after the meeting.

I dare you to give it a shot!

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Introducing, "How to Lead Effective and Engaging Meetings"

For organizational leaders who want to pull their team together and run meetings more effectively so they can make good decisions quickly, implement well, and make a greater difference.

Gain new and improved options

Over about 2 hours, you'll discover new ways to use trusted leadership tools and a few communication strategies to complement your current skills for even better results without having to change your style.

BONUS: Hone and leverage new skills with expert support

You'll have 30 days of access to me to practice, strategize, and discover how to combine tools and skills so you can confidently apply them in a variety of circumstances. Together, they do more.

Take care of the next thing that matters most

When meetings don't run late and you have less turnover and fewer errors to deal with, you'll be able to shift your time and energy to the next thing that matters most.

Fits Your Schedule

On-demand, short videos fit your busy schedule; easy to reference later

BONUS: Trainer Access

Want to strategize? 30 Days of Voxer access offers 1:1 support

Clients Said...


Joyce has consistently been helpful and brings her considerable knowledge to problem-solving.

- Consulting Client


Very professional. Handles herself well in situations with clients; is fair and listens with a keen judgment.

-Consulting Client


In a year where we have been struggling...Joyce has stepped up and stepped out of the box in designing unique solutions.

-Consulting Client

Inspiring and impactful leadership is within your grasp!


Want to know a secret?

This course...isn't just about meetings!

If the only place you used these tools and strategies was in meeting you led, you'd notice considerable improvement.

If that's really all you want, you can skip the rest of this section.
Want even more? Read on!

On a grander scale, this course is intended to give you the confidence and dexterous use of a set of tools so you can respond to whatever comes up wherever you are... I did with the hostage incident, people in crisis, being first on scene of accidents, and more.

Because the most impactful leadership takes place when the going gets tough unexpectedly and others are looking for direction.

It's about improving effectiveness to the extent that your team does the right thing for the right reasons even when you aren't there so that you can focus on other things that matter.

What if your organization could scale *and* you got to spend more time with your family or other interests?

You've worked hard to create a vision you believe in and build the team that you thought was most capable of fulfilling it. 

Isn't it time to prove yourself right?


Give your team the clarity, confidence, and cohesiveness to fulfill its mission and vision on a well-deserved grander scale

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