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 Media Bio for Joyce Lynn Elder, JD

Conflict Options LLC's Founder, Joyce Lynn Elder, JD, is the creator of a de-escalation system and an expert in using communication and collaboration to expand and leverage perspectives and deal with conflicts and crises. She helps leaders increase strength and stability in their teams so they can make their greatest impact with less turnover and unproductive conflict and more efficiency.

Her Juris Doctorate is backed by a degree in Social Sciences and History with a concentration in Psychology and coursework in Nursing. She's also completed graduate coursework in Public Policy and earned certificates in Supervision, Mediation, Crisis Counseling, Coaching, Consulting, and Training.

During that time, she also built skills in group dynamics and conflict resolution.

"I can make it seem easy now (most of the time), but but it wasn't always easy," Joyce says.

"I used to be quiet and timid. I was very observant and insightful, though, so it was frustrating - without speaking up, my insights didn't count and I appeared not to have anything to offer.

When I finally spoke up, the pendulum swung the other way. It wasn't pretty. Having been there, though, when other people do that I can help.

It didn't happen overnight, but now, the boom pretty much swings back and forth in search of the right spot for each circumstance. Like others, I don't hit that Goldilocks standard the first time every time. I'm up for second chances, though, and that's the best part - listening to others takes the pressure off me to respond perfectly, and as a result, I get better outcomes."

When things seem to be falling apart, it doesn't mean they're broken. That may be exactly what you needed to put them back together in an even better way.


With an artistic eye for unique perspectives and an attorney's skill in spotting issues, Joyce has a proven track record for helping people find more options when faced with "impossible" situations.

Joyce has mediated as a child (neighborhood icebreaker), college student (student mediation team), law student (volunteer for small claims court cases), and professional mediator (workplace disputes and EEOC complaints). 

She's also designed a workshop for at-risk youths, which gained state-wide attention; led group discussions to reduce recidivism among youths and adolescents; and, as an associate counselor, supported adolescents in groups at an in-patient recovery center. 

When community meetings became confrontational, Joyce stepped in to de-escalate and build agreement. As a Dependency CASA, she also negotiated agreements in child custody cases where neglect, abuse, or drug use was alleged.

Joyce has presented at regional and international professional conferences for attorneys, mediators, and law firm administrators; property and association managers; and government officials. Topics include collaborative negotiation, expanding perspectives, building rapport, and safety lessons learned as a hostage.

She's also appeared on television and podcasts and been featured in Thrive Global, Medium, and Authority Magazine.

When she's not working as a Certified Right Response Instructor or leading a team of coaches helping counselors preparing to sit for the National Counselor Exam, she's taking orders from her paraplegic Siamese cat or tending to her vegetable garden.

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