Don't take chances with conflict and
crisis when you can use systems

Our systems offer the same confidence and success you have solving
other challenges, and you may even use them for prevention

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Conflict and crisis can restrict the course of action and build resentment, but you've got options

It's common for people to see each other as the problem. When we do, we dig our heels into a place we don't really want to be. It's no wonder progress halts or goes from bad to worse.

When we shift the focus to the situation and partner with the people who have different perspectives, we can find better solutions. We do that by listening, relating, and collaborating.

You can do this yourself, but some find that it works better and faster to involve an outside person. Whether you're just getting up to speed with your conflict or crisis, have been dealing with it a while, or have expertise in dealing with them, Conflict Options LLC can help you take the lead down a new and improved path.


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Hi, I'm Joyce.


Everybody has to deal with conflicts or crises. I believe parties, with a powerful response, can use conflict and crisis to move toward their desired contribution. And the best way to do that is to use established systems. One I created is modeled after my success resolving a hostage incident with the captor as my only backup.

My unique, eclectic background, creativity, focus, and communication skills help clients find better, more sustainable options.

Today, I help community leaders (legal and medical professionals, government leaders, and corporate executives) overcome the limitations and devastation of crises (such as changes in relationship, chronic illness, and the pandemic) and conflict so they can make their greatest contribution.

More About Me

Clients Said:

"Practical and powerful tips delivered with clarity and humor."

"Most appreciated is the openness and up front communication."

"Very professional. Handles herself well in situations with clients; is fair and listens with a keen judgment."

Don't let circumstances like conflict or crisis disable you unnecessarily

Sitting on the sidelines can be more uncomfortable and costly than taking new action. When I broke my back badly enough that it compromised my lungs, I was declined for a lung transplant. A doctor told me to "live out the days [I had] left in the comfort of [my] home." But I wasn't comfortable - I felt guilty about abandoning responsibilities and worried about those who depended on me. I felt like a failure because I hadn't made the contribution I wanted to make.

I resolved to make my greatest contribution. Doctors couldn't help, so it wasn't easy, but after buckling down for a year with various assistive devices, I eventually learned to function with what I had. So, in the next lung transplant evaluation, even though my numbers were still the same, I was deferred because I was functioning so well - the best possible result. That new momentum, as awkward and painful as it was at times, felt much better than letting an obstacle stop me.

Put conflict and crisis to work as your unexpected advantage


You can demonstrate a new level of innovation and commitment. That strength and boldness can lead you to the next level, not just in this circumstance, but also in others that follow.

If integrity is important to you, Conflict Options LLC is ready to help you discover the truth about what's really possible.

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Conflict Options LLC is a certified DBE, SBE, WBE, and SCS.