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Remember Why You Chose Your Career? That's Still Possible!

Many went to law school or medical school where they incurred debt and lost sleep studying topics like the Rule Against Perpetuities or Microbiology in pursuit of a dream. It may have been to help others, be in a relationship, and maybe even have children and a pet.

Instead, they've experienced burnout, lost relationships, and administrative busywork that takes them away from the quality client/patient interaction and outcomes they crave. As a result, many have reconsidered their career.

But there's another option that can address all this, and it's simpler than many think. Conflict Options LLC helps legal and medical professional and their teams align so they can reduce pressure and increase satisfaction.

With 3 simple steps, you can have more of what you want:

More client interaction and aligned teams may yield:

• increased chances of better client outcomes 

• less risk of malpractice and errors

Greater career and client satisfaction may help you enjoy:

• More retention and referrals

• Less burnout and pressure

• Spending more time and money on what (and who) you love

• Improved health for you and your team

You can do this yourself, but as in your work, sometimes it's better and faster to include an expert.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Attorneys know what they say about taking care of their own battles. And it's doubtful DIY options were the intention behind, "Physician, heal thyself."

You've worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve to be able to access expertise without spending countless hours finding reliable sources and working through trial and error.

Whether you're just looking for an upgrade, have a change, conflict, or crisis to deal with, or need a complete overhaul, Conflict Options LLC is here to help you take the lead along a new and improved path.

Conflict Options LLC is your best source for developing the confidence, consistency, collaboration, and communication teams (and clients) need.

Founder Joyce Lynn Elder, JD  has developed a comprehensive set of options for you. She's done her research and applied what she's gained in a wide array of circumstances, including a hostage incident. And that helped her develop the skill that is available for you and your team. Joyce also has the ability to pass it on.

She has experience as a teacher and has training certification, allowing her to introduce content in ways people with different learning styles can receive. Her certification as a coach helps individuals develop more skill and experience. But the job's not done until the team can apply it as a unit, and that's where her certification in consulting, combined with her expertise in mediation and facilitation come into play.

Now you have the option of working directly with the creator of this comprehensive, flexible system others have attempted to mimic. We haven't authorized anyone else to provide others with this yet. That'll come, but there's no reason for you to wait.



Assessments, mediation, and facilitation

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Training & Speaking

COTS trainings and presentations to suit your team's communication needs

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1:1 support while you take inspired action

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Hi, I'm Joyce.


I went to law school because I envisioned myself in the courtroom advocating for others. I'd like to say I always dreamed of practicing law and was thrilled once I started, but that's not exactly what happened.

I've always been interested in helping others, and I started as a nursing major. But when 2 rare bone marrow failure syndromes hit, a bone marrow transplant called for a change in careers before I even got started. I changed programs and schools, and that's when law school was mentioned.

At that time, I didn't see myself as an attorney, but the seed was planted, and soon I found myself in a Business Law class in college. I liked the challenge, influence, and transferability of it and started law school the next year.

I quickly realized I wasn't going to be a typical attorney. I just didn't know how I was going to combine my eclectic background, interests, and communication least not until I was held hostage and resolved the incident with the captor.

Today, I guide attorneys, doctors, and their teams through communication strategies that refine leadership and strengthen teams so they have greater client and career satisfaction.


P.S.  I'm not teaching hostage negotiation strategies. I had advanced communication strategies that worked when I most needed them to, whether it was in everyday conversations, the hostage incident, or something in between like feuding groups in meetings. Isn't it likely they'll work when you need them to?

More About Me

Clients Said:

"Practical and powerful tips delivered with clarity and humor."

"Most appreciated is the openness and up front communication."

"Very professional. Handles herself well in situations with clients; is fair and listens with a keen judgment."

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Having made it through law or medical school and earned a license to practice, you are smart and strong. You care. So, this will be easier than you think, and we offer confidentiality. So, the alternative of sitting on the sidelines or fence may not be easier, safer, or more comfortable.

It doesn't help you realize your dreams or help you have the client interaction you desire. There's not much of an upside to it, really:

You spend more time at the office, knowing the impact that has on your family and your health.

You lose time and money marketing for new clients and staff. And you didn't get that license just to spend long hours on administrative work they didn't cover in school.

You're at greater risk for embarrassing and costly errors and delays.

That life, filled with burnout and stress, isn't the one you dreamed of when you chose this career.

Use Uncertainty and Constraint to Your Unexpected Advantage™

Many have talked about uncertainty as if it's a bad thing. But you know change has yielded groundbreaking caselaw and innovative treatments.

Your leadership can lead to innovation and better outcomes. You can inspire and empower yourself, your team, and your clients or patients to reach the next level.

Conflict Options LLC. Discover the truth about what's really possible.

Let's talk!

Conflict Options LLC is a certified WOSB/ EDWOSB, DBE, SBE, WBE, and SCS.