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Let's face it -  dealing with emotions is the Achilles' heel or kryptonite of many leaders


Many worry that friction or disagreement may mean something's wrong (with their leadership).

As a result, leaders may try to avoid conflict at all cost while also wishing that their team would communicate, collaborate, and perform better.

But here's the unexpected truth:

Those moments when interpersonal dynamics get tricky or where it seems as if communication has reached an impasse are golden - and usually untapped - opportunities for company growth.


Your leadership communication skills were strong enough to get you where you are; now, take them to the next level so you, your team, and your organization can thrive.

 Hi, I'm Joyce

I'm the expert leadership communication coach, trainer, and consultant who's had insights featured in Thrive Global, Medium, and Authority Magazine, successfully advocated for better disability accessibility, and resolved a hostage situation.

I've also supported numerous organizations - from small nonprofits and established manufacturers to government agencies - in creating stronger team cultures using the art and science of collaborative communication.

You can learn more about me here, but before you do...

Here are just a few benefits of taking your communication skills to the next level:

Accountability and Responsibility

You and your team can have greater autonomy, achievement, and fulfillment. Pushing and prodding not required.

Attraction and Retention of Top Talent

With a strong and stable team, you can put more time and money into the business, and get off the hiring hamster wheel.

Culture of Improvement and Inclusiveness

With more perspectives, your team can reduce errors, increase options, and get better results.

Less Unproductive Conflict and Turnover

Because people perform better (and stick around longer) when not on pins and needles or getting new hires up to speed.

Finish projects on schedule and on budget

Clear, effective communication results in fewer and less costly delays, errors, and misunderstandings and greater productivity.

Save Time and Money

With an effective and efficient team, those things you said you'd do and have if you had the time and money are possible!

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Here are a few fun facts about your new coach:


• When 3 loose, unbridled and unfamiliar horses appeared at a busy intersection, I wrangled them...in heels.

• I was the first second-year part-time student to become an ATLA Moot Court Finalist.

• I'm an award-winning trumpet player...

• ...and published author.

• When children are lost, I seem to be the adult they trust.

• I was one of only 2 students in my class that faculty recommended for law review based on the strength of my writing skills

TLDR version: I'm not only approachable and trustworthy; I also have the strength,  patience, and skill to help you meet your immediate needs and fulfill your long term possibilities. 

Gaining the skills that empower you to lead a strong and stable team makes it possible to have the confidence and trust you need in order to scale and create more of the opportunities and impact you want.


Here are some ways I can help you achieve that:

• Speaking, training, and on-demand courses

• Assessments

• Mediation and facilitation

• Ombudswork, surveys, and focus groups

• 1:1 Coaching and consulting

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Praise from Clients:

"Practical and powerful tips delivered with clarity and humor."

"Most appreciated is the openness and up front communication."

"Very professional. Handles herself well in situations with clients; is fair and listens with a keen judgment."

"Joyce is such an amazing speaker. She teaches so well and I find her life stories fascinating...She's a true gem."

You'll learn to leverage healthy conflict as a tool to strengthen and stabilize your organization by bringing out, validating, and addressing different perspectives in a way that enriches your company


You'll get what you need to feel confident in your ability to scale your organization, knowing how to handle difficult team dynamics, personality clashes, or other moments of occasional chaos (that most organizations encounter as they grow).

And in terms of your personal life, think: fewer late nights...less bringing your work home...and more time and energy to devote to the things that really matter to you.



Here are more details of ways you can work with me:



You and the Work You Do Deserve the Power of a Strong and Stable Team

Together, we can build the trust, commitment, and inclusiveness you want by developing the communication and perspectives you need.

 Ready to See What Unique Impact Your Team Can Offer with New and Improved Perspective, Communication, and Collaboration?

It may be closer and simpler than you think!

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