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Go-Getters Can Find a New "Gear" During Life-Altering Hardships

Stay in the Driver's Seat When Managing Health, Family, and a Busy Career

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Do These Seem Familiar?

  • Dread people doubting your ability, questioning your needs, judging, or stigmatizing you?
  • Feel drained while trying to hide or minimize the situation and carry on as usual?
  • Dejected because you don't have the energy or bandwidth to deal with a full day's work, let alone to do anything for yourself, your family, or your friends at the end of the day?
  • Feel guilty, selfish, and unproductive if you say, "No" or need to rest?
  • Feel frustrated or embarrassed thinking you should be able to handle this better?

Busy professionals already have stress. But scrutinizing eyes (sometimes even in the mirror), conflicting demands for time and energy, and distractions such as pain and fatigue increase stress. We help leverage more resources so they have less regret from impossible choices, take control, and get their life back.

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Take care of what matters most without exceeding limitations or compromising values or standards.

You have options to improve efficiency and effectiveness. What if you can succeed because of the hardship, not despite it?


More options may yield greater optimism and results, so you have less depression and anxiety and get better sleep.


Improved family dynamics and finances can reduce doubt and thoughts about not being good enough.


Greater client and coworker satisfaction may reduce concern about retention and and increase confidence.

Clients Said:

"Practical and powerful tips delivered with clarity and humor."

"Most appreciated is the openness and up front communication."

"Very professional. Handles herself well in situations with clients; is fair and listens with a keen judgment."

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