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Attorneys deal with stress and conflict daily. Either ineffective, uncomfortable, and unprofessional conversations or avoidance can make matters worse. We help attorneys develop advanced (non-touchy-feely) communication skills so they can respond effectively and professionally. This improves results and client and coworker satisfaction, so firms enjoy better retention, recruitment, and referrals.

The Rules of Engagement Are Changing

Pressure to lower rates, difficulty hiring, and other industry changes may mean firms have difficulty fulfilling obligations if they don't make changes, too

Firms lacking engaged, loyal teams may:

  • Encounter dissatisfied associates and support staff, resulting in turnover and reduced productivity
  • Face ethical dilemmas if an attorney leaves or experiences sudden loss of capacity due to illness, etc
  • Experience damage to  reputation

Nobody wants to be caught by surprise. Now is the time to anticipate change, just as you'd do for your clients.

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Empower Your Firm and Your Clients with More Effective Communication

Communication is like reading; many don't know there are easy changes that can improve it. This is one way you can work on the practice while working in it. No "touchy-feelyness" required


Listen for their unique style and theme. Save time by reducing repetition.


Respond using their style and words so you're more effective.


Work together for better outcomes and stronger relationships.

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Clients say:

  • "Practical and powerful tips delivered with clarity and humor."
  • "Most appreciated... is the openness and up front communication."
  • "Very professional. Handles herself well in situations with clients; is fair and listens with a keen judgment."
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Introducing Status Quo 2.0

With changes in the legal market and workforce, law firms must make changes so they can stay on top. That's good, because those changes come with benefits

Law doesn't have to be a jealous mistress. More effective collaboration means

  • engaged, loyal co-workers
  • more innovative solutions
  • greater satisfaction for coworkers and clients
  • attracting and retaining new talent (and clients) for all the right reasons
  • saving time and money on marketing and hiring costs

Your firm can maintain a reputation as a reliable leader. (Could this mean more referrals?)

Industry growth may slow down; but with greater efficiency through effective communication, you can meet revenue goals without sacrifices. It'll be "business as (the new and improved) usual."


Comply with the Changing Requirements of Attorneys and Reduce Unnecessary Risk

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