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Untie your hands and harness the unbridled power of your team's ideas, skills, and passion


What are the possibilities when you confidently lead your team through conflict and crisis to become an even stronger, more stable team making greater impact?

Are you ready to stop doing what you have to do...
... and start doing the next thing that matters most that you want to do?

Want to scale or upgrade to a higher level of fulfillment...
...without sacrificing culture, relationships, and health?

You're closer than you think; we're here to help you lead your team the rest of the way.

 Hi, I'm Joyce

After having been taken hostage with colleagues and having my life threatened, I worked with the captor to find a safe solution. It wasn't easy, though, because I was unable to meet his demands, and I must have been absent the day they taught hostage negotiation.

That incident helped me realize many people are not trained in how to communicate through conflict and crisis. As a result, they tend to anticipate and avoid them, but walking on eggshells doesn't offer the strength or stability they want.

Now, with my unique combination of expertise in conflict and crisis, I help leaders who want to scale build strong, stable, and effective teams so they can make an even greater impact.

You can see My Media Bio, but before you do...

Here are a few highlights...

I was a legal switch hitter -  an expert in conflict resolution and an attorney/advocate. I don't compromise; I help parties work together to find an even better solution.

I've wrangled 3 unbridled, unfamiliar horses at a loud, busy intersection while wearing dress heels. Bees are a different story, though! (It's good to have boundaries, you know?)

As a nonprofit leader, I was acclaimed for building agreement and partnerships among feuding board members, vendors, community members, and local government officials.

I've integrated leadership, communication, mediation/facilitation, ombudswork, interviewing, coaching, and counseling strategies. If one thing doesn't work, I'll find another option.

A sense of humor, reframing awkward moments, and solving problems creatively are standard. And after a having had transplant and raised service puppies, I'm serious about that!

Lost children have found me to be trustworthy, too. Important safety tip: Don't mistake approachability and listening skills as easy to fool; I play the long game while I wait for an opening!

There were just a few things I had to do first.

I traded the belief that "I should know how to handle this..."

              ...for the courage and skill to actually handle it.

I stopped wondering if I should sell tickets to office/meeting drama...

             ...and upgraded to the confidence to accept responsibility and hold others accountable.

And... I (finally!) stopped worrying what others would think or do...

           ...when I started trusting myself to cope and respond with genuine professionalism, if needed.

It wasn't easy, but it was worth it!

Gaining the skills that empower you to lead a strong and stable team makes it possible to have the confidence and trust you need in order to scale and create more of the opportunities and impact you want.


Teams that make durable decisions enjoy stronger reputations and follow-through with:

• Accountability, Responsibility, and Autonomy

• Attraction and Retention of Top Talent

• Culture of Improvement and Inclusiveness

• Less Unproductive Conflict and Turnover

• Projects completed on schedule and on budget

• Savings of Time and Money for the next thing that matters most


So, what is "the next thing that matters most" for you? What would you do with the time, money, and energy you saved?

Maybe you'd spend it with friends and family, ... invest in your health, ...or pursue additional team members and opportunities so you can scale with confidence?


We can help lead your enviable team to even greater impact!

Clients said:

"Practical and powerful tips delivered with clarity and humor."

"Most appreciated is the openness and up front communication."

"Very professional. Handles herself well in situations with clients; is fair and listens with a keen judgment."



You and the Work You Do Deserve the Power of a Strong and Stable Team

Together, we can build the trust, commitment, and inclusiveness you want by developing the communication and perspectives you need.

 Ready to See What Unique Impact Your Team Can Offer with New and Improved Perspective, Communication, and Collaboration?

It may be closer and simpler than you think!

I Dare You To Find Out!