Advantage Call

Managing your schedule can be a challenge sometimes. But when a conflict, crisis, or hardship (such as illness, divorce, or grief) is introduced, it's overwhelming. It adds more things to your already full plate and strips you of time, energy, and bandwidth to put into them. It can seem like something has to give. If that's your situation, your job is to make sure it's not you.

You can discover options that are like a whole new "gear," allowing you to stay in motion and prevent the agony and inefficiency of stopping and starting over.

In your discovery calls, we'll help you find those options.  As we explore the situation from different perspectives, you'll discover some surprising resources that you can apply creatively.

This offer includes:

* One 90 minute call

* One 30 minute follow-up call

* One Resource sheet

It's important for you to make a difference. And it's particularly frustrating when you're struggling because it seems like the world is watching when you're least effective. So, if you're like many, you may feel mortified and frustrated. But the steps you take at that time frames you in a positive light so you and others can make positive and empowering decisions. And when you do, it may provide relief from emotional pain, and you'll also have tools you need to improve relationships, effectiveness, and efficiency to the extent that you may choose to continue using them when the dust settles.