Isn't it Time for Your Business to Finally Work for You?

Your firm may be your biggest investment, financially, emotionally, mentally, or chronologically. While you've given it your best, it's not meeting expectations.

Your business is running you ragged with administrative stuff you don't like, and at the end of the day, you're either still working, thinking about work, or too drained for anything else.

Something's gotta give, but it's tough to negotiate improvements when you're at the end of your rope. You want to relieve pressure and improve your bottom line without compromising client work. This calls for...

Perspective, Leverage, and Possibilities.

That's what I'm here for!

I'm Joyce. Years ago, a person known to carry multiple weapons and have expertise in hand-to-hand combat stormed the front desk in pursuit of me. He stood in the doorway of the office he found me and others in, just an arm's length from me, and delivered a threat with a dangerously neutral tone and an icy stare.

While I'd repeatedly received acclaim for dealing with conflict and hostile individuals, I didn't know I had hostage negotiation strategies. So, I followed my own advice - Listen first. Then relate and collaborate.

The experience of collaborating with him in order to successfully resolve the incident without police backup or the ability to meet his demands turned my passion for collaboration and communication into my purpose.

"Uncertainty is an invitation to create certainty of a positive outcome."

~Joyce Lynn Elder, JD

Your vision for the firm is closer than you think

You have a qualified team. Each team member has perspective. When they leverage simple, advanced communication skills in order to share them, the team can collaboratively and sustainably develop possibilities for your firm. While you can do this on your own, if the thought of change seems daunting, however subtle, we're here to help.

Whether your business seems to be falling apart, has room for improvement, or is pretty much ideal, our comprehensive services have your back! With experience teaching backed by training certification, Founder Joyce Lynn Elder, JD introduces content in ways people with different learning styles can understand. The short term steps can yield quick wins and satisfaction. Then, she helps individuals develop the skills using her background in counseling and coaching. It all comes together when her consulting certification and experience in mediation and facilitation helps the team apply the strategies as a unit in specific contexts, so you realize long term possibilities financially.

Your firm will have what it needs to attract, satisfy, and retain the best talent and clients, who will be able to share their perspective effectively. And when the team leverages those perspectives collaboratively, they can create more options, which can reduce pressure and improve outcomes while the firm saves time and money on recruitment and marketing. So you have more time and energy to focus on the things you like to do.


Status Quo 2.0: Mixing Business with Guiltless Pleasure

What's Next?

You cared enough to read this far. Now, the best thing you can do is to gain greater awareness and deepen your understanding of the situation and some of the steps you can take short term to get quick wins. With that momentum, you can build up to long term possibilities!


I'm ready now!