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Many Dread Obligatory Holiday Celebrations, and Virtual Conversations May Be Worse

2020's virtual celebrations, higher stress, and more divisive topics increase the risk of miscommunication. Learning to navigate conversations with tools I used to resolve a hostage incident as a hostage may reduce family "drama" and improve professional outcomes

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Holiday dinners don't require you to bite your tongue


In the online course, "Home for the Holidays Shouldn't Be a Warzone: How to Keep the Conversation Civil," you will learn how to:


* avoid taking things others say personally

* know whether to speak up

* be heard without frustrating others (or yourself)

* find common ground among differing perspectives

* introduce new perspectives (or another topic)


It doesn't matter whether your family events are mildly uncomfortable, anxiety-raising, or on par with war. The tools shared in this course can help, and they're yours for just $97.

Running short on time? The total run time for the videos is approximately 50 minutes, and you can increase the speed the videos play at.

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Regardless of whether this is your first course in communication, you've been at it for a while, or you have expertise, these skills could improve your holidays ... and possibly your career.


Many people place a high value on family, and this course can help improve the quality of those relationships.

Imagine enjoying your time with family or friends and being able to rest knowing that you handled conversation well.

When it's time to go back to the office, you'll have what you need to handle conversations at the board table, too. That might help you break through a glass ceiling and earn more money, because soft skills like these are valuable.

Want a better relationship, too? You'll have what you need to stop dancing around topics and reach an agreement through effective conversations.

I don't just want to solve your problem - I want to change your life, the same way these and other skills have changed mine.

Praise for "Home for the Holidays Shouldn't Be a Warzone: How to Keep the Conversation Civil"


"The course was incredibly well done and informative!"

"I love your definition for conflict. It helped me reframe it for myself and has helped me step up for conversations better."

"So many practical takeaways!"


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WARNING: This May Surprise You!

I Don't Tell You Not To Argue

You deserve to be heard and your perspective is worth hearing. You matter. The same is true for others in the conversation. So, I encourage you to share your views, especially when they are different. With these tools, you can share different perspectives effectively and respectfully. When clients do that, they can find a better idea than either they or the person they were talking with had when they started. Yelling not included.

This Course Doesn't Include Scripts

You can best speak for yourself by using your own words. So, while I will share a template to introduce a new perspective or topic, it requires you to use your own words.

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Take advantage of this introductory low price, practice the new skills, and unwrap the gifts of effective conversations today.

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