Skills for Leading Effective and Engaging Meetings, Difficult Conversations, and More

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This course is really a comprehensive leadership communication course in meetings, dealing with "difficult people," addressing conflict, and having difficult conversations all in one.


People dread meetings because they amplify challenges that existed beforehand, such as dealing with conflict, "difficult people," and difficult conversations. So, in order to address the challenges in meetings in the best way possible, I have to address all that.

People have had bad experiences with conflict, disagreement, or having to break the news. They don't want to fight or be wrong...especially in front of others. So, when they're in meetings, they will go out of their way to avoid that. 

  • Some won't speak up or will make excuses not to attend
  • Others push their view so others won't disagree
  • Many groups procrastinate on making decisions

You already know that doesn't work. Among other things, you've seen or heard:

  • Long discussions that fall just short of a decision
  • One person make the decisions, making others redundant
  • Arguments that go nowhere productive
  • Poor follow-through or results

It's no wonder people dread meetings! Nobody wants to sign up to be redundant, bored, or frustrated.

My name is Joyce, and I created this course for legal and medical professionals and non-profit leaders who, like me, don't want to waste time, miss out on good ideas, or lose good people.

I wasn't always good at that (and I'm still not perfect.) A lot of what I teach is stuff I learned out of necessity and developed through trial and error. I have a background in law (as an attorney, mediator, support staff, and bailiff), medicine (as a nursing major and day surgery family liaison), social services (chemical dependency counseling and crisis counseling), and non-profit leadership (as a board member, state representative for a national organization, and association manager).

This course is designed for you to have as framework you can apply your own style to. You'll also:

  • Learn how to stay on track and share your message, even under pressure
  • Gain 7 tools to help you take the lead (and keep it!)
  • Recognize 5 Elements of Effective and Engaging Meetings so you can troubleshoot (and make changes on the spot)
  • Explore how to break bad news, change topics, or introduce opposing views without arguments so the meeting can stay on track
  • Understand how to build engagement and gain new perspectives
  • Discover 4 questions that can lead toward progress and make powerful decisions
  • Identify one difference in client meetings that improves results. (It's really easy!)

Some of these will come quickly and easily, and other skills presented take a little more time to develop. So, regardless of whether this is your first professional communication course, you've attended a few, or you are a guru, there are opportunities for immediate gains and long term possibilities.

You don't have to wait for a meeting in order to use these tools. They'll help in other conversations, too.

You can use them at home, in social gatherings, and in conversations with staff, clients, colleagues, and bosses. You'll have what you need in order to:

  • improve personal relationships
  • increase referrals and opportunities
  • improve collaboration so you reduce pressure and associated health challenges and attrition
  • prevent and resolve embarrassing errors and conflict
  • make decisions more confidently

Others will notice the difference. I've used these in meetings to bring feuding groups together, present dissenting opinions, and break the bad news in ways others could respond to effectively. I've also used these to successfully resolve a hostage incident as a hostage, help a firm regain the trust of one of their clients that had given notice of termination, and support people who are experiencing crises. So, the benefits it offers depend on your application of them. And if you're like me, the impact could be significant.

The extra mile has opportunity and the company of those who are willing to go beyond what is easy, required, or expected in order to gain what is desired and make their greatest difference.


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