Specializing in conversations where the stakes are high and the relationship is ongoing

When the relationship is ongoing, win-win agreements are crucial. They can be challenging to achieve because you have to get to the core. And that's frequently the case with long-standing disputes as well.

Often, there is emotion at the core, even when it's about business. That's normal because conflict is when something bumps up against things we have emotional or personal ties to, such as identity, values, beliefs, or ideas. The good news is that can help solve the problem faster and the conversation doesn't have to be touchy-feely.

As a uniquely qualified mediator and facilitator, Joyce also empowers the parties to create a collaborative solution that is better than either of them had in mind. So, they don't necessarily have to compromise.

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About Joyce

Joyce Lynn Elder, JD, is a former attorney with expertise in mediation and facilitation backed by a juris doctorate, graduate coursework in environmental and public policy, a bachelor's in psychology and sociology, and an eclectic background in crisis counseling, dependency court-appointed special advocacy, legislative advocacy, chemical dependency, coaching, consulting, and more. She's also worked in a variety of fields including medicine, law, real estate, nonprofit leadership, and banking.

Joyce has received acclaim for successfully facilitating outcomes, even when tempers were flaring and resolution seemed doubtful. She has the distinction of having resolved a hostage incident without backup when she and others were taken hostage.