Conflict usually ends safely. But, don't count on others' self-control. Rely on your own skills

This pre-recorded course offers a suite of tools for everyday conversations. It also offers a robust system... just in case

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Anticipation Alone Can Be Costly

You may lose career satisfaction, clients, employees, time, money, focus, and reputation professionally. You may also lose sleep, health, relationships, and leisure time. Those reasons make it worth your learning how to respond

But it doesn't stop there...

Many people don't know what causes emotions to shift. They don't see the warning signs, either, so they don't adjust. This means people may become hostile. So, your safety and others' may be at stake. Depending on when and where that happens, your case may be jeopardized, too. And it could affect your reputation.

Introducing Our De-escalation Duo Package*

Effective and Flexible. Because the lines aren't always clear

This package includes "Beyond De-escalation" and "It's All in the Rapport"

In "Beyond De-escalation," You Will:

  • Examine why some discussions and questions FAIL. (It's easy to change!)
  • Learn how people can focus under pressure
  • Overcome resistance to confrontation
  • Discover how to respond when facts aren't in your favor
  • Help reluctant clients (and bosses) make decisions and move forward (You can use it, too!)
  • Study the 'swiss army knife' of conversations. (You already have it!)
  • Survey the system I used as a hostage. Remember it with an acronym


This package* also includes "It's All in the Rapport." In It, You Will:

  •  Discover what rapport really is and why it is key

  • Correct 2 common, but INCORRECT, statements you may be repeating

  • Gain powerful information-gathering and communication skills

  • Learn how to say it so they hear it right the first time. No repetition. No regrets. (You'll be able to break the bad news without breaking a sweat!)

  • Recognize early warnings that a person's emotions are escalating

  • Explore one method to de-escalate high emotions

  • Develop a strategy to keep conversations on track


* "It's All in the Rapport" is a pre-requisite. If you elect to only purchase "It's All in the Rapport" first, you may purchase Beyond De-escalation separately later. It'll just be more expensive. Otherwise, Beyond De-escalation is NOT sold separately.

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This Powerful Duo Is $ 209 and...


It includes a unique combination of relevant content. Information from a variety of subjects was culled just for you.

Approved for a total of 4.0 CLE Credits

WA attorneys receive 2.0 Other CLE Credits in Professional Development for each course. Contact us about credits in other jurisdictions.

Online, On-Demand

Access it as time allows. Review as needed. You'll pick up more each time you go through it.

Broken up into short videos

Some are under 10 minutes.

This System Can Improve Your Everyday Effectiveness

These tools aren't "just" for conflict. They're used in meetings, public relations, client dinners...

When you learn how to lead conversations rather than them leading you, you'll speak up, be heard, and participate effectively.  This means:

  • Better outcomes -Some tools are great for problem-solving and making decisions
  • Improved reputation - Sometimes the way you respond is what people remember most
  • You can have productive conversations  with more ideas, less drama and save time
  • Improve relationships - Clients may offer more referrals
  • More career satisfaction
  • Less stress
  • Better sleep - You'll toss and turn less if you aren't rehashing or rehearsing

And if you need it...there's the possibility of greater safety. (This system was modeled after resolving a hostage incident.)

That's why it's called, "Beyond De-escalation." And here's the thing...

Taught by a Former Attorney and Mediator

My name is Joyce Lynn Elder. I have experience as an attorney, mediator, bailiff, and Dependency CASA. I also served as a counselor, community manager, at-risk youth group facilitator, and leadership consultant. I'm also a certified trainer of neurolinguistics.

I'm passionate about helping professionals overcome resistance to confrontations and conflict. You can make your job easier, safer, more efficient, and more satisfying. So, you can sleep better, save time, and reduce stress.

Now it's your turn - I'd love to meet you! Introduce yourself in the comments sections of the course.

Isn't It Time You Take the Lead?

Most people don't engage in difficult conversations well. So, seize the opportunity! Be the hero! Empower yourself with more options, and take the lead today!

When a firm's client stormed the front desk in pursuit of me one day, I didn't have specific training for that! He was incredibly angry and self-reported that he always carried weapons.

I'd been coaching people, though, so I used coaching strategies. Although demands couldn't be met, with these tools I resolved the incident safely and effectively.

Incidents like this don't happen every day. But, ordinary circumstances for using the individual tools DO. We'd like to help you be ready!

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