Are you tired of walking on eggshells? Confused by people reacting unexpectedly? Need people to listen more?

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This Isn't Just About Your Career

It's frustrating and confusing to feel like you can't get there from here because of miscommunication. But, that's not the worst of it

Professionally, you can lose clients and staff. The costs add up:

  • Lost time spent on hiring, training, and resolving miscommunication
  • Money lost on hiring and marketing expenses
  • Less career satisfaction
  • Unnecessary stress

Personally, it'll cost you as well:

  • Lost relationships
  • Cost of divorce and/or counseling
  • Stress-induced health issues

It just makes for a bad day all around!

In This Course, You Will...

Learn to connect better with people and communicate more effectively so you can be heard and have better relationships

  • Develop an understanding of rapport and why it is key - It's not "woowoo"
  • Gain body language insights beyond most courses on this subject
  • Learn how to break the bad news or disagree (without breaking up)
  • Recognize early warnings that a person's emotions are changing (and know what to do about it!)
  • Discover how to keep meetings on schedule, change subjects, and end conversations effectively. It doesn't have to be awkward

NOTE: This is one of two courses included in our De-escalation Duo package. If you are purchasing or already own that package, there is no need to purchase this.

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What if You Take the Dare?

Your Firm Can Run More Smoothly

  • you are heard
  • more confident, effective collaboration
  • fewer complaints
  • less stress
  • getting more done with better quality
  • greater satisfaction
  • more referrals
  • lower marketing costs
  • better relationships 
  • less time and money spent on hiring

...and on The Home Front

  • Less stress
  • Less risk of divorce
  • Less spending in an effort to gain satisfaction
  • More savings
  • More fun
  • Better sleep
  • Better health
  • Better relationships means better...Okay, moving on!

"It's All in the Rapport" is Just $89 and...


It includes a unique combination of relevant content. Information from a variety of subjects was culled just for you.

Approved for CLE Credits

 WA attorneys receive 2.0 Other CLE credits in Professional Development. Contact us about credits in other jurisdictions.

Online, On-Demand

Access it as time allows. Review as needed. You'll pick up more each time you go through it.

2 hours long (approximately)

Broken up into 16 short videos (most under 10 minutes) and 1 article.

Taught by a Former Attorney and Mediator

My name is Joyce Lynn Elder. I have experience as an attorney, mediator, bailiff, and Dependency CASA. I also served as a counselor and leadership consultant and am a certified trainer of neurolinguistics.

I'm passionate about helping professionals overcome resistance to confrontations and conflict. You can make your job easier, safer, more efficient, and more satisfying. So, you can sleep better, save time, and reduce stress.

Now it's your turn - I'd love to meet you! Introduce yourself in the comments sections of the course.

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