Joyce Lynn Elder, JD

Joyce Lynn Elder, JD has a natural talent for getting through to people in the heat of the moment. She has gained the trust of lost children who have picked her out of a crowd; calmed people down at accidents; defused hostile crowds; and even de-escalated (impromptu) disputes in parking lots! For Joyce, uncovering or discovering the hidden emotion or that which is at the core of the conflict is like solving a mystery. And that's why she created Conflict Options, to help others piece the puzzle together so they can close out the case and move on.


With an artistic eye for unique perspectives and an attorney’s skill in spotting issues, Joyce has masterfully helped others see what is relevant, not only at the mediation and boardroom table, but also in the courtroom. She has:

  • advocated as an attorney, Dependency CASA, witness, and legislative action committee member;
  • mediated workplace, small claims, and neighborhood disputes;
  • facilitated discussions involving grievances and EEOC complaints; and
  • facilitated highly charged community and board meetings.

Joyce has a proven track record for de-escalating high emotions and building agreement as discussion becomes more relevant, opening the door for new perspective.

“When people think they're backed against a wall, they feel powerless, and that's a big problem because they may shut down or strike out. The solution is to help them find choices, and new perspective will do that," says Joyce.

She creatively draws from an eclectic knowledge base to accomplish that; it includes areas such as training, non-profit leadership, research interviewing, neurolinguistics, and legislative advocacy.

And while that skill in utilization comes in handy as a Conflict Resolution and Communication Consultant, Joyce’s natural trustworthiness, determination, humor, and curiosity are also key. She has received acclaim repeatedly for rapidly building good will and cooperation among highly-charged people. Horses, too. She once wrangled 3 loose, unbridled horses she found at an intersection busy with school traffic until police and the horses’ owner arrived.

Joyce has presented at regional professional conferences for mediators, attorneys, association managers, and property managers on topics such as building rapport, collaborative negotiation, and building agreement.


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