Meet the Founder,
Joyce Lynn Elder, JD



The Story

Founder Joyce Lynn Elder was a hostage in an incident where demands couldn't be met. During her efforts to stall for time, it became apparent that others hadn't been able to call police. So, her stalling strategies were unceremoniously promoted to negotiation and resolution efforts which, fortunately, were successful. 


Based on that event and others, Joyce created the Confident Communication System for Conflict Management, De-escalation, and Crisis Communication. This unique, robust combination of tools and skills has been proven effective in a wide variety of situations. It should be; Joyce started gathering them as a child and has continued gathering and developing them ever since.

Known as the “neighborhood icebreaker” as a child for helping neighbors resolve disputes, Joyce expanded her natural talent for getting people through the heat of the moment as a teen. She supported classmates dealing with mental health issues, broke up some fights, and began mediating.


As an adult, she has gained the trust of lost children; calmed people down at accidents; defused hostile crowds; and de-escalated (impromptu) disputes in parking lots. For Joyce, it's about leveraging her desire to inspire and empower others during their most difficult moments so they can make their greatest difference.

What Makes That Possible

No stranger to life-altering situations herself, Joyce knows what is needed in order to stay in the driver's seat, and she finds possibilities tucked within the constraints of necessity. She's lived in an abusive environment and dealt with over 10 life-altering illnesses, a transplant with critical complications, grief from the passing of a significant other, and debilitating injuries.


Her Juris Doctorate is backed by a Bachelor's in Social Sciences and Psychology. And there are certifications and more "under the hood."

With an artistic eye for unique perspectives and an attorney’s skill in spotting issues, Joyce has a proven track record for helping people find options in the face of "impossible" situations. She has:

  • advocated as an attorney, Dependency CASA, witness, and legislative action committee member;

  • coached people through suicidal thoughts, grief, and anxiety;

  • mediated workplace, small claims, and neighborhood disputes;

  • supported people through divorce, leaving abusive relationships, substance abuse recovery, and organ transplants; and

  • facilitated discussions involving grievances and EEOC complaints and highly charged meetings

“When people think they're backed against a wall, they feel hopeless. That may cause them to shut down or strike out. The solution is to discover more safe and sustainable options, and new perspective helps," says Joyce.


She creatively draws from an eclectic knowledge base to accomplish that; it includes areas such as training, crisis counseling, non-profit leadership, coaching, research interviewing, neurolinguistics, and legislative advocacy.

Some of her pastimes involve creative problem-solving, too. When she's not spending too much time on Facebook, Joyce can be found caring for her paraplegic cat; doing one of many crafts such as knitting; teaching English; or supporting people as a volunteer Crisis Counselor.

And while that skill in utilization comes in handy in Joyce's work, her natural trustworthiness, determination, humor, and curiosity are also key. She has received acclaim repeatedly for rapidly gaining trust and helping people feel calm and capable in the presence of seemingly impossible chaos. Animals, too. She once wrangled 3 unbridled horses she didn't know at a busy intersection while wearing heels.

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